The Handmaid’s Political Agenda

There are two weeks left in the semester and I’m drowning (figuratively, I’m not studying swimming after all) in assignments. Naturally, it seemed the perfect time to write a blog post.

Margaret Atwood wrote, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” an incredible piece of dystopian fiction, in 1985. In it she explores a future in which women are exploited, subjugated, and used and abused for government purposes. If you were unfortunate enough to be born with a vagina you are not allowed to read and are generally good enough only for breeding. It’s not my intention to write a spark notes version here, but I will say that if you haven’t read it, you should.

We live in a world in which women are routinely abused, where girls are being prostituted and trafficked, and women are beaten and locked away in religious and societal systems that deem such actions acceptable. With such horrors facing women around the globe, the cast members of Hulu’s “A Handmaid’s Tale,” the latest media production of the book, have found an important cause to rally behind.

“I don’t understand somebody,” states actress Elisabeth Moss, “who doesn’t support Planned Parenthood.”

In a love letter to the abortion giant and Hollywood darling, actors from the new series enumerated why abortion and Planned Parenthood are here to save us from the practically-dystopian present we now find ourselves in. They gush about how relevant this is for today, given the election results, and despair about how anyone could view this (read: abortion) as a “black and white issue.”

But here’s the thing… it IS a black and white issue. Abortion isn’t about controlling women or our bodies, or being forced into reproductive servitude. It’s about whether or not the strong have the right to oppress and destroy the weak. Can we, the born, decide that an entire class of human beings is just unworthy of protection? That it’s okay to kill a unique human being because they’re younger than we are?

Situations get complicated. When people are involved, things are messy. It’s not always a great time to have a baby. It’s not always the right person to have a baby with. Every situation is different. But the one constant about abortion is always this: It kills a unique human being.

If you don’t think that new life deserves protection, by all means let us have that conversation! That’s a question worth exploring and a debate that is necessary in this day and age. But to present the argument that anyone who opposes the bloated and violent business of Planned Parenthood is essentially contributing to the enslavement of women is, frankly, stupid. These are big and important issues that deserves a fair hearing in our society. Let’s not muddle the water to feed the agenda of a politically active company that takes in over 500 million in tax dollars.

Image Credit: Pregnant – Award Winning Illustration by Balbusso Sisters for The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood




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